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Managing your company finances doesn’t need to be complicated at all. Here we highlight the smart features that make bookkeeping easy and fun. Try it yourself to experience accounting with positive vibes!

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Super-search does the bookkeeping for you

Supersöken i INBooks gör att även du som inte är expert på bokföring och redovisning kan sköta företagets ekonomi. Du behöver bara veta vad du har köpt, vad det kostade och på vilket sätt du betalade. Supersöken sköter resten och tar fram rätt konton med rätt moms – klart att bokföra! Enklare kan det knappast bli.

Photograph and enter receipts in our app

The INBooks Receipt app lets you enter your receipts and outlays quickly and easily while you’re on the go. Take cell phone snapshots of your receipts and enter them right from the app. Thanks to our smart apps, you’ll never have to worry about how to report them. Our app does all that for you. Keeping tabs on all your receipts makes things easier at the end of the month. The app is available for download from the App Store.

Att-göra-listan håller koll

Nu slipper du oroa dig för att du ska missa något som har med din bokföring att göra. Att-göra-listan är navet i INBooks och talar om för dig vad du har på gång just nu och vad du behöver fixa längre fram. Lite som en egen sekreterare! Listan uppdateras automatiskt och bevakar bland annat viktiga datum som när momsrapport och bokslut ska in eller om du har någon kundfaktura som håller på att förfalla. Lämna planeringen till Att göra-listan och lägg din energi på ditt företagande istället!

Utbildning med INCademy

Tycker du att bokföring känns krångligt? Då ska du anmäla dig till INCademy – INBooks bokföringsskola! Vi är experter på bokföring och älskar att dela med oss av vår kunskap! Läs mer här!

Send invoices

When it’s time for billing, do it quickly and easily with INBooks. Choose whether to email or print and send by mail. Or create a cash invoice for your customer to pay using Swish, real convenient if you’re at a trade show, for example.

If your company sells tax deductible domestic services or repairs, we provide full support and instructions on how to submit your application to the Swedish Tax Agency. If you wish, INBooks can keep tabs on when payment is made and enter it for you.

Check your account

The unique Check your account function is a feature only INBooks has. When you connect to your bank using BankID, all of your bank transactions are downloaded straight to INBooks without your having to leave the program. INBooks then matches your bank transactions with your financial reports. All you have to do is approve them.

If any transaction is not already entered, Super-search will help you enter it right away. Once everything is approved, account reconciliation is finished. The five biggest banks are supported.

Files to process

The convenient Files to process function acts as an inbox for e.g. supplier invoices and other documents for processing. Your suppliers can email invoices here and you can easily enter them.

You can also choose to upload files yourself or drag and drop them straight into the view. And here’s where your scanned receipts end up. Having all your important documents in one place provides a clear overview and the confidence of knowing that you’ll never miss a thing.

Built-in connections in the program

As an entrepreneur, you probably have several services that concern your finances, such as banking, payment solutions and the Swedish Tax Agency. At INBooks, we have developed flexible connections that allow information to be retrieved from your other partners automatically. Simply easier!

All this is included

Home view

  • To do-list
  • Reminders
  • Notifications
  • Snooza uppgifter
  • Shortcuts
  • Support via chat, email or phone


  • Registration of supporting vouchers
  • Reconciliation of accounts
  • Allocations over time
  • Accounts
  • Close the period


  • Invoices
  • Reminders
  • ROT/RUT invoices
  • Cash receipts
  • Customers
  • Articles


  • Credit Invoices
  • Allocation over time
  • Currency management
  • Payment monitoring, receipts


  • Supplier invoices
  • Disbursements
  • Suppliers
  • Allocation over time
  • Currency management
  • Payment monitoring, disbursements

Receipt app

  • Take picture
  • Select template/purchase
  • Save and enter
  • View also available in the web application


  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • Income statement 12 months
  • VAT report
  • General Ledger
  • Account analysis
  • Supporting voucher list
  • Recapitulative statement
  • Accounts receivable ledger
  • Accounts payable ledger


  • User administration
  • Process history
  • SIE import
  • SIE export

Financial year

  • Select, edit, and add new financial year
  • Close the period

Company and user settings

  • Company settings
  • User settings
  • My account
  • Select company


  • Default accounts
  • VAT period
  • Receipts
  • Supporting voucher type
  • Price list
  • Delivery method
  • Delivery terms
  • Payment method
  • Payment terms
  • Cost center
  • Currency


Ellinor Ekholm, Ljuskompassen

När jag skulle starta eget var bokföringen det som kändes mest läskigt. Men med INBooks i ryggen vågade jag ta klivet! Det känns tryggt med en support som hjälper mig om jag kör fast och som inte tycker några frågor är för dumma.

Ellinor Ekholm, Ljuskompassen

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